Every website owner wants their website to be on the top of SERP (Search Engine Result Page) by improving search engine rankings. Many of them improve SEO tactics and implement digital marketing strategies to increase search engine ranking on google. Still, some of the websites are not in their expected position despite sweating on the feet. 

So, What lacks them?

According to some of the best SEO specialists, web hosting is one of the main reasons why your website lacks the expected Google search ranking. To be frank,  good web hosting helps you to increase search engine ranking on google, while a bad hosting provider can negatively affect your Google search ranking. “Bad Hosting’ So the question is how can you call a hosting bad. We will cover it there.

How Bad Hosting Negatively Affects Google Search Ranking?

I have been developing websites and writing the best content for many startups and already established companies. As most of the companies need hosting to host their websites, I have tried many hosting providers. 

I am not saying that the hosting providers are bad (some are really ridiculous). They are doing their best, but the search engine ranking directly affects due to the bad hosting packages. 

I will talk about which hosting package is the best for improving search engine rankings.  But, let me explain how hosting affects search engine ranking. 

To do this, I have sorted out some important factors that are responsible for Google search ranking. 

1. Server Downtown:

This is basically one of the most important factors while choosing a hosting. If your hosting provider frequently goes for server maintenance, your website will be down for a certain time. It creates a bad impression on Google search ranking. 

Nobody (even Google Bot) wants to visit a website that is currently not available. There are some hosting providers that are not much aware of the server downtime but there are also some hosting providers who offer 99.99% uptime. 

Server downtime not only disallows users to visit a website but also brings down Google search ranking and affects negatively in terms of SEO. 

Let me show a practical example: 

A website is down due to the server issue, and it is not appearing on the search engine result page. When Google bot tries to crawl the site, or the search engine gets a related query, it gets a message, “the website is currently not available.”. 

It directly increases the bounce rate and degrades the performance to the eyes of search engines. Next time, Google will try to showcase other websites for a similar query. 

Therefore, to avoid server downtime, you need to choose the dedicated hosting packages that offer almost 100% uptime for search engine rankings.

2. Page Load Time:

Every 1 in 4 visitors abandon a website that takes more than 4 seconds to load. So, the page load time is another important factor for website rankings. 

If your website is slow and takes more than 4 seconds to load, it negatively affects Google search ranking. The head of Google’s Webspam Team, Matt Cutts, announced in 2010 that website page load time matters. 

Moreover, a website with a high page load time will redirect visitors to another website with the same query. Thus it increases the bounce rate that directly affects its Google search engine rankings. 

There are some online tools to check your page load time, including: 

If you make a page speed test with the above page speed tools, you will notice server response time as the key factor for a slow page speed. That means your hosting is the main culprit to deliver slower server response time and slow page speed. If the hosting provider is not updated with the latest hardware and software to boost their hosting service, you will not get faster page speed. 

If you choose good web hosting, you will get a faster page load time because they are using the latest cache technology to increase your site’s page speed. There are some hosting providers in Bangladesh that use LiteSpeed Web Server as their caching solution.

3. Security & Support:

Security is another important factor that can affect Google search rankings. For improving your website rankings, you need to ensure that your website is secured and customers’ data is safe from hackers and unauthorized distribution. 

A secure and accessible website gets more priority than other websites with no security. If you host your website on a server that is not secure and well protected, spammers and hackers can get access to your site with ease. 

Generally, hackers send “spiders” to crawl websites to find bugs. If they find security issues, it becomes easier to get access to the site. A primary solution to the problem is using premium SSL certificates

But if your hosting has a lack of secure hardware and cloud software to safeguard your site, only SSL cannot help you to protect sites from hackers. And, Google does not want to send visitors that might have security issues. 

Support is also a key factor that can help you in improving search engine rankings. Do you wonder how? 

A hosting with 24/7  support is better than other hosting providers. Suppose, you made some changes to your site that causes 500 internal server errors. And, you cannot fix them from your end. What should you do then?

If I am you, I will definitely contact the customer support of hosting to solve the problem as soon as possible. Because, as long as your site is down, your customers will leave the site immediately and check alternative websites for their information or products. 

Thus your Google search ranking depends indirectly on customer support to solve different issues. 

What is the Best Hosting for Improving Search Engine Rankings:

We have already discussed some of the important factors of hosting packages that directly affect Google search rankings. To be a good boy in the eyes of Google, you need to choose the best hosting packages to improve SEO and boost search engine ranking. 

Windows VPS hosting can be the most relying point for both starters and enterprises to increase search engine ranking on google quickly among the web hosting packages. 

Before talking about the benefits of Windows VPS hosting, let me talk about what is VPS hosting.

What is Windows VPS Hosting?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual server that creates multiple virtualized environments from a single physical server. Each VPS server is completely separate from other servers on the same hosting. 

Most VPS hosting providers use advanced technology like KVM and VMWare for Linux to create the windows VPS servers and then connect all the servers with hosting using an application called Hypervisor. 

Each of the VPS servers acts like a solely dedicated server as they work without any shared interface. And, we know that a dedicated server is better than a shared server for improving search engine rankings. 

How Windows VPS Hosting Improving Search Engine Rankings:

As we already discussed the importance of good hosting for improving search engine rankings, we know how hosting affects Google search rankings. If you choose a general shared hosting for your website, you are going to share the server with other websites that are already hosted on the server. 

To improve Google ranking, it is one of the key factors to host your site on a single server where you will get more flexibility and convenience. Though shared hosting is cheaper than VPS hosting, cheap things are not always good. 

With the VPS hosting, you will get complete administrative privileges where you will get the freedom to install new operating systems, reboot, or change the existing systems at any point. 

Nowadays in terms of comparison, VPS hosting gives more security than shared hosting. In terms of security, windows VPS hosting is better for improving search engine rankings than shared hosting. This is widely accepted because all the data and apps are saved on a virtual server that can be accessed by the user remotely.

On a shared hosting platform if any of the sites is affected by the malware it is very much possible for the other sites to be affected by the malware, On the other hand, the virtual servers provide separate storage for the user so it’s not possible for the malware to spread on others storage.

With windows VPS hosting, you can monitor the cell for signs of threats, such as spam, hacking, and malware, to ensure complete protection. It also helps users with additional security measures, including intrusion monitoring, firewalls, and regular remote backups. And the unmanaged one left most of the responsibilities like security measures and general maintenance on the user.

Final Words:

It is high time you said no to shared hosting. If you are a starter and build a website that will bring the reputation by improving search engine rankings, you should choose dedicated hosting like Windows VPS hosting.