Reseller Hosting

For every startup company, reselling business is the best to step up and catch the giant in the industry. No matter, which industry is your target. Reselling helps to start selling with a span of little amount. The same goes for hosting startup companies who can start drawing their footprint on the hosting industry with cheap unlimited reseller hosting with WHMCs.

What Is Reselling:

In general, reselling means selling a service from another service provider to the customers of the root level. According to ThredUP, the total resale market in 2018 was $24 billion and it will reach up to $64 billion by 2028. 

Like other reselling businesses, the reseller hosting business is booming day by day. Thanks to the growth of online markets. According to Global Ecommerce Statistics, the retail sales of online markets will be 4.9T USD by 2021. So, there is always a need for websites to showcase eCommerce products. This is where people need web hosting to host their sites. 

In this unlimited reseller hosting guide, I am going to provide expert insights to the white label reseller hosting business. 

What Is Reseller Hosting:

Unlimited Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is the way you can resell hosting to other customers that you purchase from master reseller hosting providers. If you want to start your personal web hosting company, you can purchase unlimited Linux reseller hosting, add your own branding, and become a white label hosting reseller to sell the hosting to other potential customers. 

What Types of Reseller Hosting is Good for Small Startups:

Based on the types of system configuration, white label reseller hosting can be divided into the following types: 

  • SSD Reseller Hosting
  • Linux Reseller Hosting
  • cPanel Reseller Hosting
  • Plesk Reseller Hosting
  • WHM Reseller Hosting

Note that: It depends on the size of the hosting companies, how many users they have, how many domains will be hosted, and what operating system they choose for their customers. 

Basic Features of Reseller Hosting:

With the cheap reseller hosting plans, you will get some useful features to boost your hosting business, including: 

Disk Space:

Disk space plays a vital role when selecting a reseller hosting for your clients. If you aim to provide web hosting service to less than 50 customers, you can go with the limited web hosting reseller plans. But, if you decided to handle many customers at a time with your web hosting service or want to resell hosting to other resellers, you can go for the master reseller hosting. 

Reseller Hosting Unlimited Bandwidth:

Bandwidth is another important feature and one of the main factors to decide which reseller hosting is ideal to start website reseller business. If you choose reseller hosting with unlimited bandwidth, you can handle unlimited hosting for your recurring business. 

Branded Client Portal:

If you choose the best unlimited reseller hosting, you can brand your own company, create a branded client portal, and resell web hosting unlimited to your clients with your own identity. 

Static IP Address:

Along with the dynamic IP address, you can have multiple static IP addresses in a reseller hosting plan. Almost all cheap reseller hosting plans come with limited static IP address whereas you can use unlimited static IP address with a custom master reseller hosting plan. 

Custom DNS Name Servers:

Most of the master reseller hosting providers allow their reseller client to change the name server to showcase their identity as a unique web hosting provider. 

Domain Reseller Account:

Most white label hosting reseller providers offer domain reseller account with their cheap reseller hosting plans. With your domain reseller account, you can sell domains to your customers. And, believe me, it is good practice to sell hosting as they purchase domains from you. 

Which Reseller Hosting Offer a Free WHMCS License?

There is very few unlimited reseller hosting providers who offer a free WHMCS license. In most cases, reseller hosting providers are not able to offer a free WHMCS license due to the lack of connection between the official WHMCS license and their service. 

How Many Separate cPanel Accounts Can I Create with a Reseller Hosting Plan?

With the cPanel reseller hosting, you can create multiple separate cPanel accounts. The number of cPanle accounts depends on the web hosting plans by the master reseller hosting providers. In most cases, you will get a minimum of 5 separate cPanel to up to 300 separate cPanel. However, if you want to start your website reseller business on a large scale, you can contact the reseller hosting providers for custom cPanel accounts. 

Covid-19 Impacts on Reseller Web Hosting Industry?

People are taking their business online. Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the tendency to set your footprint on the digital world has grown exponentially. Every single company needs a website, and they need hosting to make their website live online. So if you can provide them cheap Cpanel hosting and fast customer support, you’ll have a large customer base in no time. 

What Are the Advantages of  Reseller Web Hosting?

Benefits of Reseller Hosting Business

The main idea behind the reseller hosting business is to take a large amount of hosting space from the distributor company and resell the hosting space to different clients. It is a low investment business that requires that you focus on providing good customer support to your customer.

The hosting maintenance, updates, security, connectivity, and other technical aspects will be taken care of by the distributor company. What’s more, you can get white-level branding for your company, meaning you can resell the hosting space under your company name, and on top of that, you won’t have to share the profit you collect from your clients with the distributor company.

The key advantages of becoming an unlimited web hosting reseller include:

Minimal Investment:

The reseller web hosting business is cheaper than opening a hosting distributor company. You don’t have to invest money in building the infrastructure, buying the necessary equipment, or maintaining the servers. You just have to choose from the distributor’s reseller hosting packages, and the package price is reasonably low. Many distributors even offer unlimited reseller hosting plans. 

Just choose your preferred package and start collecting clients. It’s that simple. In other words, becoming an unlimited web hosting reseller is a great way to receive additional income with low or no significant cost.

Focus on Your Business:

As the technical prospect will be taken care of by the distributor company, you can focus your attention solely on expanding your business, generating more leads, or provide professional support to your clients.

If your website gets a lot of traffic, or you have multiple websites, reselling web hosting can provide you with some additional web space and features for your own website. For example, you can run different websites from different URLs/servers without paying for additional hosting plans. 

Build Your Brand Image:

As you can resell web hosting using your company name, it will create a brand image for your company. In other words, cheap Cpanel reseller hosting can help you collect profit as well as create your own brand identity in the market. It will give your business a new look and open a new window for your web hosting reseller business. 

You can bill your clients using your brand name and plan custom hosting packages to boost your brand image and create a customer base that will build and strengthen your place in the industry. 

Extra Income:

Many distributors offer additional features and add-ons with their reselling packages like SSL certificates, dedicated hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated IP, domain name registrations, Cpanel, and many more. You can resell these add-one and features to your clients for extra profit. 

Explore New Markets:

Most of the companies work with a specific set of customers. But if you become an unlimited web hosting reseller, you can be free of that chain and explore new markets. Exploring new markets will help you expand your network both inside and outside of your specific industry, which can, in turn, create more opportunities for your business to grow.    

Once you have all the information, you are now ready to move on to the planning phase. In this phase, you’ll have to use all the information you have collected to make a detailed plan of what you are going to do. 

Basic guidelines on how to start a reseller hosting business in Bangladesh?

Rerseller hosting career in BD

There are some pre-requirements to start a website reseller business. First of all, you need to research and collect information about your business industry. You can begin by asking the following questions to yourself to know how unlimited reseller web hosting solutions work. 

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are the advantages of becoming an unlimited web hosting reseller?
  • Who is the most suitable web hosting distributor according to your specific business plan? 
  • Who provides the best free unlimited reseller hosting WHM/cPanel?
  • What additional features are they offering? 

After you are ready with the answers, you’ll have a clear picture of your focus and what area you should be developing. After the initial thinking, you are now ready to concentrate on the analyzing part. 

You have to research your competitors and how you can attract the focus of your potential client base. You should have a clear picture of the industry you’ll be working within.

Some questions here need a little explanation. The rest depends on your market analysis mainly. So I’m going to discuss the explanatory parts in detail here. 

Who is the best low cost reseller hosting in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, most of the hosting companies provide reseller hosting that is also bought from other hosting providers. For example, “XYZ HOST” is a renowned web hosting company in Bangladesh. They purchase reseller business from “ZXY HOST”, another hosting company from another country who provides web hosting reseller plans. 

You cannot say “XYZ host” a true reseller hosting provider in Bangladesh. Because they are reselling hosting from another reseller. 

Arnhost is one of the few reseller hosting providers in Bangladesh who have their own server, data center, and provides cheap reseller hosting plans. If you want to compare the price of cheap reseller hosting plans between Arnhost and other big companies, you will definitely love ARN Host for pricing and other features. 

Arnhost provides site builder with 400+ templates where most of the other giant (who call themself best) reseller companies do not come with a site builder in their reseller hosting plans. 

In Arn host, we provide LiteSpeed Web Server, where most of the other web hosting companies rent servers from others. We provide free premium SSL certificates with our regular price of $0.99/mo (11.88/yr) as long as you use our hosting. 

We put a 100% satisfaction with 30 days money back guarantee. Most of the companies also claim that they are the best. And it is true indeed. Everyone tries to do their best to provide reseller hosting packages.  

But suppose you compare reseller web hosting providers with price, SSL certification, Lite Speed Web Server, Site Builder with 400+ templates, Free Website Migration, and Cloudflare CDN. In that case, we are the best reseller hosting company in Bangladesh. 

If you still have any doubt, take our service once. We guarantee that you will not leave us as long as you do white label web hosting reseller business.