What Are The Advantages of A VPS?

Each hosting solution has its own advantages and suitable for various stages of work. But what is VPS used? VPS is good for companies that feel limited by shared hosting plans, but are not ready for, or can not. It is ideally used for organizations looking for:

  • Greater flexibility than shared hosting: Using VPS, you can customize your software and hardware configurations and run your own applications.
  • Lower cost than dedicated server: The host company can distribute the cost of running and maintaining the server in all companies operating on a particular device. Based on your host, monthly prices can reach US $ 20.
  • Better security than shared hosting: Because you do not share space with others, your errors, misstatements, or resources will not affect your site’s uptime or accessibility.
  • Independent access to FTP and POP: Again, the use of FTP and POP email does not affect other users’ access and speed.
  • Root access: Because a VPS server acts as an independent server, it gets access to the root, which you need to configure and install the operating system and other applications. Shared hosting only allows you to access a directory on the shared server, which does not allow customization of the programs.
  • Less technical knowledge requirements than a dedicated server: In most cases, you can access your VPS through the GUI control panels, through which you can install and configure your applications. Custom servers typically require manual configuration.
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