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Why choose WordPress Hosting Plans

Our WordPress hosting plans to give you a feature-rich control panel to manage your WordPress Websites, Email, SSL & more as well as monitor usage of CPU Cores and RAM on your package. Why you choose WordPress hosting plan here is features list to meet your needs.

Answer To Your Website Hosting Question

Do you have question about ARN HOST’s services? We have the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our customers below.

Why to prefer a Bangladeshi hosting company over an international provider?2021-01-09T17:57:37+06:00

First, you receive localized support from the best hosting in Bangladesh. You can reach physically or via online/phone call. It gives you an edge in daily dealings. Besides, you can speak with them in Bangla.

Which one performs better? Local data center vs international data center?2021-01-09T17:56:44+06:00

Low latency time defines Bangladeshi data centers and it is highly useful for local visitors. This privilege comes from free Cloudflare. But international competitors are more efficient. Besides, unstable electricity and shaky internet infrastructure adds to your grievances, in case of BD hosting.

What features of a Bangladeshi hosting company impress us?2021-01-09T17:54:42+06:00

Customer support must be the top priority. Check out if they ensure 24/7 live chat, especially on the national holidays. Also, you should look into the latest hardware such as NVMe and processors. Now, examine their malware and DDoS protection systems. If these things go right, domain registration in Bangladesh could be a pleasant experience.

How Do I Request Technical Support?2019-01-22T01:54:09+06:00

If you require technical support, submit a support ticket.

What Is cPanel?2019-01-22T01:54:29+06:00

cPanel is a web hosting control panel provided by many hosting providers to website owners allowing them to manage their sites through a web interface. This program provides users with a graphical interface through which they can control their own part of the Unix server. The tools provided are designed to simplify and control the operation of your website. It uses a scalable structure that allows for different levels of access. Administrators and end users can control the different aspects of the server and website directly through the browser. The CPanel control panel is generally accessed using https on port 2083 or simply by adding “/ cpanel” to the end of the host name.

Is cPanel Free To Use?2019-01-22T01:47:42+06:00

Many companies offer shared hosting with cPanel installed. So you get web hosting with cPanel for free. If you need a free cPanel for a VPS ( Virtual Private Server ) or a server, I’d better recommend alternatives. … ISPConfig Hosting Control Panel: A powerful and free open source replacement for cPanel / WHM

Does cPanel Offer A Refund After Purchase?2019-01-22T01:40:29+06:00

If you are not satisfied for any reason, you can request a full refund within five days of purchase. Payment requests will be accepted after five days at the discretion of our Customer Service Manager.

Are hosting companies of Bangladesh reliable?2021-01-09T17:48:08+06:00

Domain hosting companies in Bangladesh are dependable if they can show their BASIS membership. It is actually a trust badge that helps you cement the decision. These BD hosting companies employ their best minds and draw strength from world class data centers. They are performing above average. You should put your trust in them.

Which hosting BD suits me?2021-01-09T17:49:16+06:00

Type of the website, number of visitors and your preference determines it. If you are a startup, check out a starter SSD package. WordPress Hosting plans bring out the best performance of WordPress sites. Corporate sites put emphasis on quality over money. Our domain hosting company in Bangladesh gets you all covered with Corporate Hosting. Reseller Hosting takes care in case you have your own client base.

How do I customize my site on WordPress?2018-12-31T00:47:59+06:00

The first step in customizing the WordPress site is to sign in to the WordPress installation. From there, you’ll find the “Appearance” section of the WordPress panel to help customize your site. It is easier and more likely to be the most effective way to use the pre-made WordPress theme. Simply click the “Add New Topic” button to check a number of attribute options. You can search for topics, as well as use the Function Filter. Job filtering is an excellent way to discover the topic you like. This is where you can reduce topics according to the characteristics, type of design you want, and the theme of your site.

Once you find a topic you like, you’ll need to click the selected theme and click the install button. Once installed, go back to the Appearance menu, select the newly installed attribute, and choose Activate.

Can I transfer my blog from to ARN HOST?2018-12-28T18:12:00+06:00

Yes you can certainly move your blog from to our server. ARN HOST will provide you with complete assistance for doing this.

What are the benefits of Managed WordPress hosting ?2020-12-22T18:38:47+06:00

Managed WordPress hosting includes the LSCache Plugin with LiteSpeed Web Server. We customize your hosting for a faster-speed performance and implement object caching technology. The benefits of a managed WordPress hosting includes:

  • Expert Technical Support
  • High Availability, Performance, and Uptime
  • Data Retention and Recovery
  • Premium DNS service
  • Developer-Friendly Tools

ARN HOST uses the world’s latest web security plugin to make your transactional website or high traffic website more manageable and secured.

What if I want to migrate my existing WordPress website?2018-12-31T16:06:09+06:00

Yes, we handle everything and help you migrate your website for free and without problems. Simply provide us with your current hosting account details.

Super speed server provider they are boosting and accelerate my website 25x faster than previous, thanks for your service.

Asadur Rahman, Gozocell SDN BHD

We are custom and full stack WordPress theme development company which we need for speed up our website that’s we get from ARNHOST it’s really amazing service how they tuned WordPress website so much speed and faster its impact for google ranking.

Faisal Kanon, ThemeIM

Haha it’s amazing hosting for speed up website, my website faster which I did not imagine also they adopt latest technology appreciate your hosting service.

Mamun Hasan, WD TELECOM

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