The DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) is a 1998 United States copyright law. The DMCA’s main development is an exception in the field of copyright the immediate and aberrant obligation of Internet specialist co-ops and different middle people.

Consistently a huge number of proprietors sites have their significant substance stolen. Because unfortunately they regularly do nothing. Seems like they befuddled and unconscious. As a result we come to. So our whole business intended to make this troublesome situation simple and easy for our clients.


First of all any proprietor of the substance has the option to process a takedown. See against a site proprietor or potentially an Online Service Provider (for example ISP, facilitating organization, and so forth) If the substance proprietor’s property discovered online without their authorization. In contrast when content expelled from the copyright proprietor substance. It entrenched acknowledged, web standard pursued by site proprietors and web access suppliers.

Site With Free DMCA.Com Badge

A DMCA Badge puts on your site a seal of insurance as a result that hinders criminals from taking your substance. With an enlisted identification, you finally can approach the apparatuses, assets, and backing to bring down any site that takes your substance.

We will complete a takedown for no charge if stolen ensured with our BADGES.


STOP THIEVES 👉 Use our substance security devices to taking your substance considerably more troublesome.

SECURE IMAGES 👉 Protect your pictures from illicit use by having your image and copyright data naturally watermarked onto your pictures.

COPY SEARCH 👉 Locate unapproved copies of your substance utilizing our substance filtering devices.

SET ASIDE CASH and TIME 👉 Taking down stolen content is expensive and tedious. Our reasonable and brisk apparatuses make you in transit right now.

We Remove For You

Anything you made, hence being utilized online without your consent.
In the event that somebody is facilitating your substance wrongfully, we can bring it quick, or your cash back. Because of gives simple, well ordered guidelines. So you should simply finish the straightforward and brisk takedown structure.

How We Solve Problem

DMCA Takedowns 👉 Our group will take down fake sites, individual pictures, and even more recordings, and consequently we will enable you to, do it without anyone else’s help. Our expert group of qualified web specialists realizes how brought back your stolen substance quick since they have done it a huge number of times previously. So we roused to remove your substance from a stealing site. It’s also the reason the 100%, unconditional promise. As a result we get paid in the event that we succeed.

Photograph Watermarker 👉 Protecting your Photos and Masking their URL by utilizing underneath system:

✔️ System One: Simply register FREE to begin utilizing DMCA Water-Marker. ✔️ System Two: Enter the URL of a picture index you need to secure, notwithstanding the copyright proprietor name of those pictures. ✔️ System Three:  Ready to go! Basically reference your pictures with the new, covered URL, therefore The “ Protected” WaterMark will show up on every one of them.

How We Protect Your Content

Site Protection Pro 👉 From finding a stolen substance to lift support in bringing it down, our assurance plan gives you to succeed.

🔯 Basic Protection Free 👉 Designed for little close to home sites and proprietors as a result who need an answer that successfully dissuades content burglary.


✔️ Standard Badges With One Free Takedown 👉 A colossal choice of Protection Badges to look over.As a result You get 1 free takedown for every year.

✔️ Knowledge Base & Ten Percent (10%) Off 👉 Get access to our far-reaching information base. And 10% off all Professional take down administrations.

✔️ Protected Page Tracking 👉 Monitor your secured pages.

✔️ Website Certificate 👉 Website copyright articulation of substance proprietorship.

🔯 Protection Pro ($10/month) 👉 Designed for expert sites and organizations that require the best resistances to verify their property.


✔️ Premium Badges With Free Takedowns 👉 Access to our determination of Premium Badges. And You get 10 free takedowns for every year.

✔️ Find Content & Multiple Takedowns 👉 Find duplicates of your substance on the web. And Create and deal with different Takedowns.

✔️ Website Detective & Certificate 👉 Discover who is taking your substance and Verified site copyright explanation of substance possession.

How We Help Your Business has proficient instruments and experience that will set aside your time and cash, why not put them to use for your business.

🔯 Commercial Takedowns 👉 Running a business online is intense and conveys its own, exceptional arrangement of difficulties. Quick and proficient stolen content evacuation administrations. We have the completely qualified and experienced takedown case staff prepared to crouch serious for you.

🔯 SEO Protection 👉 SEO Theft is a genuine business. You endeavored to set up your place on the net. We comprehend what is value. For expelled quick we spend significant time to lift content.

🔯 Protection Pro for Business 👉  With all the more dominant highlights concentrated on working together for any business on the net. An unquestionable requirement for any site on the net. Converse with us about Protection Pro for Business.

DMCA Takedowns

First of all you have to play out numerous DMCA Takedowns consistently or experience reoccurring instances of substance encroachment  doing these yourself is likewise a genuine cash saver for instance. Furthermore we give simple to utilize the DIY structure and DMCA Takedown formats, you carry out the responsibility of sending it where it needs to go.

 I need only one DMCA Takedown is the #1 DMCA Takedown specialist organization. We can lift your stolen substance evacuated for a one-time charge of $199 . Our group of experts utilize these identical instruments once a day when performing DMCA Takedowns . They are the principle reasons our Takedown achievement rate.