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Order Automated WHMCS Billing

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WHMCS Pricing Plan

WHMCS is responsible for automating billing for hosting platform so you do not have to extra time , saving you time and money. Send bills, collect payments, taxes, reminders, and more are things with WHMCS.


$15 Month
  • Our Starter license offers a cheaper way to get started.
  • Includes everything in Plus
  • Along with a powered by branding link.

$18 Month
  • Up to 250 Clients
  • Standard Support
  • Customisable/No Branding
  • Host on your own server

$24 Month
  • Up to 1000 Clients
  • Standard Support
  • Customisable/No Branding
  • Host on your own server

$39 Month
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Standard & Priority Support
  • Customisable/No Branding
  • Host on your own server

Need Help?

We give corporate support to ntvbd, banglanews, esamakal, banglanews24, ourislam customer in Bangladesh. If you have e-commerce hosting from us you can knock us for tech support. Our 24/7/365 Real-time Support person is waiting to help with any questions you have!

WordPress Hosting Features

All of our web hosting solutions are optimized, incredibly fast and ready for you! Choose a high-speed package that fits your needs.Focus on what we actually tuned with our WordPress hosting packages at fullfill your demand.

Installation & Configuration

Ask an expert from our team to install and configure WHMCS for you. We will help you to install and configure WHMCS.
In the below we include some services:

  • Installation of Core Software
  • Cron Task Automation Setup
  • Initial System Configuration
  • Setup of 1 Hosting Server/Reseller Account
  • The configuration of up to 6 Products/Services
  • Setup of Domain Registrar & TLD Pricing
  • Setup and Configuration of Payment Gateways
  • Setup of Support Departments & Email Piping

Integration Service

Contact one of our experts to create a custom attribute for installing your WHMCS to integrate WHMCS with your website.
A custom theme helps you to remove the separation between WHMCS and your website. We also gives our customers a smoother experience with our service.

WHMCS Transfer Service

Request one of our experts to move your WHMCS installation from one hosting environment to another. Includes full transfer
of all files, data, settings, cron pipeline and email configurations, zero downtime. Note that the new environment must meet
the minimum system requirements before performing the service.

WHMCS Migration Service

Do you want to change to WHMCS? Are you using a private or custom system, but do not want to lose your current data?
We can help.

Our expert team can help you to choose the best plan, develop, and implement data migrations from dedicated or third
party systems through a wide range of platforms by creating custom tools and customized tools for your needs.


We offer a range of services at the top level of the corporation that can be customized as needed.

Starting at just $250 per month. We offer services including updates, training, configuration, migration assistance,
excellent support and SLA for companies. Whatever your needs, our team is here to help you and ensure you succeed
every step of the way with WHMCS. Contact us today to discuss options with one of our team members. Our live support
is always there to help you with any issues.

Rocket Speed Over Tuned CMS

Many hosting providers not well tuned hosted at CMS (content management system) we have optimized and accelerated hosting for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, MODX, PrestaShop, October, Kentico CMS, TYPO3, Django CMS and many more CMS which fully tuned with our managed hosting also we have 30 days money back guarantee!

Super speed server provider they are boosting and accelerate my website 25x faster then previous, thanks for your service.

Asadur Rahman, Gozocell SDN BHD

We are custom and full stack WordPress theme development company which we need for speed up our website that’s we get from arnhost its really amazing service how they tuned WordPress website so much speed and faster its impact for google ranking.

Faisal Kanon, ThemeIM

Haha its amazing hosting for speed up website, my website faster which I did not imagine also they adopt latest technology appreciate your hosting service.

Mamun Hasan, WD TELECOM

Answer To Your Website Hosting Question

Do you have question about ARN HOST’s services? We have the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our customers below.

What Are The System Requirements For WHMCS?2019-02-10T13:13:28+06:00

System requirements for WHMCS are given below:

PHP Version5.6.0Latest 7.1 or 7.2 Release
PHP Memory Limit64MB128MB**
PHP Database ExtensionPDOPDO
PHP ExtensionsCurl with SSL
GD2 Image Library
JSON Support
Curl with SSL
GD2 Image Library
JSON Support
MySQL Version5.2.05.5.x
Ioncube Loaders10.1.0 or laterThe latest 10.1.x version


What Is WHMCS?2019-02-10T12:54:04+06:00

WHMCS is a complete solution for customer control, billing, and support for online businesses. By managing everything from log to finish, WHMCS is a powerful tool for automation and support.

Is WHMCS Installed On My Web Server?2019-02-10T12:56:06+06:00

WHMCS is a self-hosted platform that gives you complete control over the installation and data of your customers. If you need any help in installing it, one of our experts can help you to install. Consult our services for more information.

What Are The Server Requirements For WHMCS?2019-01-22T02:08:58+06:00

If your server can run PHP and MySQL applications, you should be able to run WHMCS without problems. However, check the system requirements for a detailed list of system requirements.

Can I Customise My Installation Website?2019-02-10T13:16:20+06:00

Yes, definitely the way WHMCS has been designed so that it’s easy to customize and seamlessly integrate it into the rest of your website. The interface, the part that customers can see, is fully designed and accessible for editing and customization.

What If A Module I Need Isn’t Integrated Yet?2019-01-22T02:05:51+06:00

All of our APIs are open and accessible, making it easy to create additional modules for WHMCS. There are also many developers and companies who are familiar with WHMCS platform and who provide services to create modules, so there is a lot of help available.

Can I Integrate WHMCS With My Existing Systems?2019-01-22T02:04:27+06:00

Yes, WHMCS has an API system and an extended interface that allows you to execute actions inside and outside WHMCS. By using hooks, you can perform additional actions when events occur within WHMCS and when you use the API, you can perform tasks within WHMCS that are activated by other systems. For more information, visit the Developer Features Tour.

How Do I Create A Module For WHMCS?2019-01-22T02:03:01+06:00

The documents of our developers are open and accessible to everyone. You can find them at In some cases, you may be eligible for a free development license. Contact the sales team to see if you qualify.

How Can I Get Support?2019-01-22T02:00:46+06:00

All of our licenses include access to free technical assistance based on tickets offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also have many self-help resources, which include extensive documentation, user guides and tutorials.

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