LiteSpeed Web Server

We provide the cheapest Litespeed hosting in Bangladesh with real-time support and a 30 days money back guarantee.

LiteSpeed Packages

LiteSpeed web server is the best solution for your web hosting. With the Litespeed server, you will get faster hosting with advanced security. You will get the most reliable caching technology that will boost your website speed.

LiteSpeed Site Owner

  • 5 Domain Limit
  • 1 Workers
  • 8GB RAM Limit
  • Faster than Apache
  • PHP Performance 75%
  • GZIP compression
  • Page Caching
  • Built-in Anti-DDoS

$10 USD /month

LiteSpeed Site Owner Plus

  • 5 Domain Limit
  • 1 Workers
  • Unlimited RAM Limit
  • Faster than Apache
  • PHP Performance 75%
  • GZIP compression
  • Page Caching
  • Built-in Anti-DDoS

$16 USD /month

LiteSpeed Web Host Lite

  • Unlimited Domain Limit
  • 1 Workers
  • 8 GB RAM Limit
  • Faster than Apache
  • PHP Performance 75%
  • GZIP compression
  • Page Caching
  • Built-in Anti-DDoS

$26 USD /month

LiteSpeed Web Host Essential

  • Unlimited Domain Limit
  • 1 Workers
  • Unlimited RAM Limit
  • Faster than Apache
  • PHP Performance 75%
  • GZIP compression
  • Page Caching
  • Built-in Anti-DDoS

$36 USD /month

Need Help?

Our existing client in Bangladesh-  Ntvbd, Banglanews, Nsamakal, Banglanews24, Ourislam gets utmost support from Arnhost. If you want to host your website, you will get the most dedicated hosting support from us. We ensure 24/7  support for new and existing clients.

WordPress Hosting Features

All of our web hosting solutions are optimized, incredibly fast and ready for you! Choose a high-speed package that fits your needs. Focus on what we actually tuned with our WordPress hosting packages at fullfill your demand.

Managed WordPress Hosting with Ultimate Speed:

If you are looking for the fastest WordPress hosting for your website, you need to ensure the hosting is providing blazing speed with enhanced security.

With ARN Host, you will get a 25x faster loading speed than other WordPress hosting providers. To ensure recommended site health by WordPress, we always keep updates of the PHP version.

With our easy installation medium like Softaculous, you will get one-click installation in all of our WordPress hosting plans. You will also get a Built-in LiteSpeed cache plugin with any WordPress hosting packages.

We host most of the high traffic website in Bangladesh:

With our Litespeed hosting plans, you can host your high traffic sites without any server issues. With the Litespeed server along with 99.9% uptime, you can drive as many visitors as you want than other WordPress hosting in Bangladesh.

Arnhost optimized server, you do not need to worry about the huge traffic tally. Instead of worrying about your traffic, you can move your focus to build your site, writing content, and promoting.

We will assure the rest. Our WordPress hosting comes with server level caching with Litespeed cache, and Google Cloud Platform infrastructure to boost your WordPress hosting experience.

LiteSpeed Caching Technology:

LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress (LSCWP) is a site acceleration plugin that provides exclusive server-level cache and a set of optimization features. LiteSpeed Cache plugin is more than just a cache management plugin.

It is full of a variety of features designed to deliver outstanding performance to your WordPress sites. The LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress provides powerful cache management tools, which are simply not possible for other plugins to replicate.

LSCWP rendered more page requests per second and provided superior performance. With ModSecurity compatibility, it helps to secure your site by filtering out attacking requests from unknown access requests.

Litespeed Server for best SEO results:

The biggest impact a host can have on the search engine optimization of a site is speed and availability. Where sites that are
slow to load or are experiencing irregular crashes often receive a penalty from Google that harms the search order we just have
the solution to our WordPress hosting packages.

In addition to the negative impact on search engine optimization, slow load times can increase page leave rates, as consumers
rarely wait more than a few seconds for pages to load before moving elsewhere. Along with the invisibility in the SERPs, can be
a nail in the coffin of the work that tries to compete in today’s online market.

Daily Backups & Security priority:

The automatic backup of ARN HOST gives you daily backups support and task data (up to 50 GB of storage), including web pages, databases, and e-mail messages. You will not have to make manual backups, organize local or remote storage of your files, or track versions. Everything is easy to manage, directly from the control panel for backups of automated sites in Arnhost.

Rocket Speed Over Tuned CMS

Many hosting providers in Bangladesh are not good at hosting for several CMS (Content Management System). We provide dedicated hosting for any kind of CMS including, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, MODX, PrestaShop, October, Kentico CMS, TYPO3, Django, and many more.

Our managed hosting with LiteSpeed web server, you can host your favorite CMS with blazing speed and advanced security. Do not worry!  We provide a 100% guarantee of satisfaction and a 30 days money back offer.

Super speed server provider they are boosting and accelerate my website 25x faster then previous, thanks for your service.

Asadur Rahman, Gozocell SDN BHD

We are custom and full stack WordPress theme development company which we need for speed up our website that’s we get from arnhost its really amazing service how they tuned WordPress website so much speed and faster its impact for google ranking.

Faisal Kanon, ThemeIM

Haha its amazing hosting for speed up website, my website faster which I did not imagine also they adopt latest technology appreciate your hosting service.

Mamun Hasan, WD TELECOM

Answer To Your Website Hosting Question

Do you have question about ARN HOST’s services? We have the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our customers below.

What Is LiteSpeed Web Server?2019-02-10T01:49:47+06:00

LiteSpeed is a Web server known for its excellent performance and scalability. The Apache server can now be replaced with the Litespeed web server. LiteSpeed has the ability to solve any problem in your web hosting solution easily and faster.

Is LiteSpeed Web Server Free?2019-02-10T01:52:07+06:00

There are two editions of LiteSpeed Web Server:

  1. Enterprise Edition
  2. OpenLiteSpeed.

Enterprise Edition is a software that is owned and needs a license. Licenses can be purchased or leased (including a free starter license) from the online store. There you can find many different licenses to adapt to different server requirements.

OpenLiteSpeed is open source. It is free to use, modify and distribute through the GPLv3 license. You can find download links and more information about OpenLiteSpeed on

What Are The Core Features Of LiteSpeed Web Server?2019-02-10T01:57:06+06:00

LiteSpeed is excellent when it comes to speed and stability. LiteSpeed is quickly compared with Apache and also stores PHP content in a short period of time. Therefore, LiteSpeed is a perfect solution for hosting websites that use WordPress, Joomla and Drupal, as it improves the performance of PHP.

Here are some impressive LiteSpeed features:

Compatible With Apache

LiteSpeed is compatible with Apache. LiteSpeed can easily download Apache configuration files and can also act as an alternative to Apache. LiteSpeed also works well with all the web hosting control panels.

Great Performance And Scalability

LiteSpeed improves the performance and scalability of web hosting platforms, designed to ensure excellence. LiteSpeed is capable of serving a large number of customers at the same time, in addition to ensuring the minimum use of server resources. The LiteSpeed code was optimized to improve the performance of PHP and the static website service faster than Apache. LiteSpeed also has the ability to handle sudden increases in traffic and also helps manage DDOS attack without the need for DDOS management resources.


LiteSpeed works best with Apache’s mod_security function and also has anti-DDOS functionality. LiteSpeed consists of customizable functions such as dial, IP connectivity, and bandwidth. IP addresses that have too many connections or requests are blocked, which prevents attackers from destroying your server.

Can I Upgrade/Downgrade My License?2019-02-10T02:17:47+06:00

You can update/reduce your licenses in the customer area of our online store by going to: My Products> Product Details. There you can see our options available for update / degradation. However, if you have a pending invoice, you must pay the bill before you can make the upgrade / reduction.

  • For site owners and web host licenses, you can choose, update, or reduce the order between them with the same serial number. If you choose to update, the system calculates the price difference. If you decide to go back to an earlier version, you can do so at the end of your current billing cycle. There is no credit refund for discounts, the new price will be reflected in your next bill.
  • To update your rental license to the owner’s license, simply cancel your lease at the end of the month and apply for a new owner license
  • To get a property license, you can only update. If you just purchased an enterprise license and would like to switch to a tenant license, your current use can be treated as a rental period plus manual processing fees. Create a ticket with our licensing department from the customer area to see if you’re eligible for a refund. If you have a property license and want to upgrade to an excellent property package, you only need to pay the difference between these two types of licenses.

Your license will be automatically updated from our license server once you pay your bill. The local license key will update automatically within one day. If you want to take effect immediately, run the following commands to retrieve a new license key:

What’s the Easiest Way to Install LiteSpeed?2019-02-10T02:20:30+06:00

Our automatic installation program lets you install the LiteSpeed Web server to use with cPanel/WHM with a single script. The installation program automatically installs LSWS and adds WHM, registers your license (or requires a trial license) and builds PHP with LSAPI to match the current PHP created by EasyApache. This leaves you with LSWS installed ready to use.

The auto-installer should benefit two distinct groups of LSWS users.

  1. End users who use cPanel/WHM: Use the script to add LSWS to your cPanel setup quickly and easily.
  2. VPS providers: Include this script in your server provisioning automation script to further automate server setup.


Does LiteSpeed Support Apache Modules?2019-02-10T02:23:03+06:00

No, LiteSpeed uses a completely different structure than Apache and does not support Apache written modules. However, you will find that LiteSpeed has already internally implemented the features of the most widely used in Apache modules.

Does LiteSpeed Web Server Support ASP.NET?2019-01-22T11:20:42+06:00

Yes, with FastCGI binding to Mono.

Does LiteSpeed Web Server Support Virtual Hosting?2019-02-10T12:52:12+06:00

Yes, the LiteSpeed Web Server provides an unlimited number of virtual hosts. (However, the standard version has a limit of five virtual hosts configured through the Apache httpd.conf file and control panels require the use of httpd.conf in Apache).

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